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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

P365 Day 5

P365 Day 5 by PattiP88
P365 Day 5, a photo by PattiP88 on Flickr.

Here's today's photo - taken in dim light since it was late on a cloudy day. I almost forgot to take a photo today! This gets to be more of a problem as I go along.

In other news, I need to make 2 layouts for LOAD tomorrow. I'm finding the process easy since I've got a story list I'm working through, and my photos are organized, thanks to Library of Memories/Finding Photo Freedom. I'm making simple layouts, with a focus on telling the stories I want to tell, and utilizing clean, basic designs. I find I'm using my Sizzix a lot of title work. I'm missing the flexibility of digital titles! But it's OK - I'm getting lots of old pictures scrapped and stories told, and that's why I'm doing LOAD in the first place.

I'm managing to keep up with both FindingPhotoFlow, currently underway at Digiscrap 101 and TextFX at Renee Pearson's online classroom reasonably well. I'm enjoying both classes and learning new things/refining my processes.

Trish and I have also started a project of going through Reneé Pearson's Digital Designs 2 lessons (from the book) whenever we can. So far, it's loads of fun.

So, I'm keeping very busy doing things I love to do.

Thanks for checking in.


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