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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finding Photo Flow

I had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural class:

The next session opens up for registration next week at Finding Photo Flow. If the site isn't up when you visit, check back later - there's some site construction going on this week.

I encourage you to take the class. Even though I've been working on my digital photo flow for years, really, I found the class very helpful and I learned new things. Kayla has spent so much time and effort researching and preparing the class materials, and I know it will be even better now that the class has had it's first "on the road" experience.

Kayla uses Lightroom. But don't worry if you don't. She includes really good information on a lot of other programs. Warning: you might decide that your current program doesn't do what you need it to. I use iPhoto, and it works well for me, but there are a few things you need to know about how it handles metadata and how to get the information embedded in your files.

If you think you don't need metadata or a good back up plan, visit the Library of Congress and check out their videos about preservation of digital media. I think most people are really unaware of just how fragile digital media storage is.

But back to Finding Photo Flow. Kayla is a great teacher, very quick to answer questions, and is very much present on the forums, so there is lots of interaction and assistance.

Sign up and find your flow!

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Kayla said...

Thanks Patti - so grateful to have you in class - the main reason the second round will be better is awesome students like you!

xoxo, Kayla