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Friday, March 8, 2013

I can SEE!

This is one of my granddaughters. She has several rare disorders. One of them effects her vision. One of them effects her verbal abilities. Because she has been unable to tell the doctor how she is seeing, they have been unable to get a good prescription for her vision.

Last week, they finally could. She liked the lenses the doctor used to test her vision so much, she asked if she could keep them.

Her new glasses arrived today. She put them on, looked around amazed and said, "I can SEE!"

In fact, she liked them so much, she didn't even take them off in the bright sun, which normally bothers her eyes a lot. They do have prescription sunglasses on order for her, but they aren't in yet.

She sat in the chair to watch TV instead of standing right in front of it.

I have to admit, it breaks my heart that she has had to live almost nine years of her life without vision assistance, but she is now old enough and appreciates what her glasses do for her, she will at least wear them.

Yes, I made a scrapbook page about it today.


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Lovely Pineapple

Here's a photo of our lovely little pineapple. It takes patience to grow one. We started this from the top of a Maui Gold we enjoyed a few years ago. I think it's worth the wait. It is still tiny - it will take months to mature. I'll enjoy every day watching it grow.

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