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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gratefulness Today

I've been told I need to blog again, and that it no doubt true. Somehow I've been in a funk about blogging. At least about my own blogging. I'm still an avid blog reader.

And since my One Little Word is Grateful, and there is always something to be grateful for, I'm once again posting Gratefulness for my garden. One plant in particular today. My lovely pineapple plant has gotten really large. We planted it from the top of a most delicious pineapple one day (I did not note the day). One day we may get another pineapple in return. But until then, I love it's color and form.

Other details of the day:

I've lost 5 pounds doing Fast-5, even with exception days and a trip with much good eating.

Today is my baby's 24th birthday! He was born around 12:30AM in 1988. Last night I was up past midnight, and went in to tell him goodnight and happy birthday, 24 years to the hour after he was born. My most difficult delivery because the boy was huge. 10.5 lbs. and 24 inches huge. Yep. A natural birth assisted by hollering and a strong, determined nurse. There was a little issue of shoulder dystocia, which I'm sure I've misspelled.

Looking at him now, you would not be surprised at how long he was - he's 6 feet tall. But the chubbiness would be a surprise because he's so so skinny, in spite of his best efforts to put on weight.

As with all children, he has his faults and issues, but I have to say, he was fun to raise. I'm so glad he's ours.

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