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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have to tell you, I'm über excited about this class! Ever since I got my iPad, I've longed to be able to scrap printable pages on it. Leave it to techie scrapper Renée Pearson to figure out how to do this. Her class, iScrapit starts June 15th. I wish it was starting just a little sooner because I leave on a trip the 22nd! I will have internet access at least part of the time, so I'm hoping to be able to play along for most of it.

I'm really looking forward to learning how to scrap and share more digitally, as well as to print from these pages! I was surprised to see that it uses Keynote, which I recently purchased for my iPad. I've been playing around with it a little and was surprised to see that when exported as a PDF file, it's very high resolution. It is, however, a very different experience from scrapping with PSE.

One of the huge bonuses is this: I generally use my iPhone 4S for photography. That's going to be my camera on my upcoming trip. With PhotoStream, these photos (the last 1000) show up on my iPad and my Mac automatically. Thus they are automatically available to scrap with on my iPad. I'll be able to create pages while on my trip, and even embed them here on my blog. Video can also be included.

We are going to learn how to resize digital supplies for the iPad/iPhone so we can make use of our digital goodies. My only concern there is that my iPad is one of the smaller versions, so I don't have a lot of memory available. I'll have to clear out some iBooks I've read and other unneeded files so there is plenty of room before I'm on the road.

I can't wait to dig into this class and learn more!

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