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Saturday, May 5, 2012

interNational Scrapbook Day 2012

What are you doing for interNational Scrapbook Day?

I've decided to participate in the Design House Digitals challenge this weekend. They are having a blog hop, and a big collar kit for free, as well as a challenge to use all 26 challenges is one layout. Fulfilling the challenge gives you a chance to win a 12x12 digital frame. How awesome that would be to win! We could enjoy my digi layouts before I even got them printed. I didn't even know they made digital photo frames that big!

Here's the list of requirements (in no particular order):

3 buttons √
a drop cap √
the color orange √
the color grey √
the color red √
include "2012"
layer 3 elements √
attach the photo with a fastener √ (the stitching)
add text to a photo √
use ribbon or bow √
rotate the title sideways √
use a template, but it must be flipped or rotated √ (I got mine here)
2 or more lines of journaling √
journal strips √
list journaling √
use the burn tool √
use an ampersand as a decorative element √
use 5 photos √ (I hope 6 is OK!)
3 patterns √
3 fonts or alphas √ (League Gothic, HI Pi'ilani, HI Kakuhihewa)
one photo must be a circle √
3 items from the freebie collab kit √ (the multi- & yellow papers, black buttons)
use League Gothic font √
recolor 1 element √ (the hibiscus)
use an overlay on at least 1 photo √ (main photo has an overlay)
use Instagram or some other filter on at least one photo √ (small photos all processed in Instagram)

This definitely was a challenge for me. I don't usually put so much stuff on a page, I would not have combined red & orange on my own, I normally leave a lot more space for journaling, but given all the requirements, I'm happy with just a few words. I'll say more in a companion page. I added a bit of extra fun by using a few of the techniques given on the blog hop.

My normal scrap process is much quicker, with a cleaner, simple look for the finished page, but I enjoy doing challenges from time to time, just to push my comfort zone a little and see what I can do with it.

I will mostly not be scrapping today, but that's OK because I worked on this a lot last night, and I did catch part of Stacy Julian's chat at Big Picture Classes, as well as all of Ali's. Saturday chores are calling, there are errands to run, and I have a commitment this afternoon I'm looking forward to.

Have a great day!

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