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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

We don't usually make a big fuss about holidays around here. Which means we don't make a big fuss about Mother's Day either. But my children don't forget me by any means. Flowers were supposed to be delivered, but the FTD people said they couldn't deliver them, apparently. I have no idea why. So our son who lives with us stopped by the store to pick some up. He apologized because of course by the time he got off work Sat., the best bouquets were gone. That's OK - I'm enjoying these.

Then our daughter & son-in-law came out, and my daughter surprised me with a mani- and pedi-

and she told me not to order a certain clothing item she knows I want because that is also coming at some point.

I also had a nice conversation with our daughter who lives on the mainland. She makes custom jewelry, so she's in the process of creating something for me. I'm totally OK with it not being here yet.

I'm pretty sure they got the "day late and a dollar short" gift giving gene from me :) I'm having a lovely day. It's a nice mix - time with family and quiet time to relax after. Just what this Mom hoped for.


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