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Friday, May 11, 2012

This week's adventure

Since Trish is leaving the island soon, we are trying to get around for photo shoots and experiences she wants to enjoy before they go.

This week, we drove out to Kahumana Cafe for lunch. they serve organic food, much of it from their garden. It was a really lovely lunch. And the lilikoi cheesecake was onolicious! Of course I couldn't eat the crust, but that's OK. it's the lilikoi bit that I was interested in.

After spending the morning walking in the water at Ko Olina, soaking up some sun, the quiet country atmosphere was perfect. I got so mellow, looking out at the garden and listening to the birds, it was a little slice of paradise. It seems to me that people were meant to live in a garden with trees all around, and the birds singing.

I could have stayed all afternoon.


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trish said...

A great day with a great friend!