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Sunday, May 27, 2012

31 Things

I'm in the midst of a class at Big Picture Classes called 31 Things taught by Ali Edwards. I always always love Ali's classes. This project is journaling based, with 31 prompts, given out each day over the 31 day period.

I'm doing my project digitally, using the templates Ali has provided with the class. The papers I'm using are from The Digi Files. I read the emails every morning, but often don't have time to actually do the work of writing and checking for or taking a photograph, so I do the work in clusters. Today I did four prompts, getting caught up with all of last week's prompts. I am just needing a few pictures to finish it up. I am not that worried about getting all the layouts done on schedule. My main focus is to get the journaling done so I can finish it up at my leisure, but so far I've done fairly well getting the layouts done as well.

Here's my 1st page:

When I read the first prompt, Jewelry, I didn't think I'd have that much to say, since I'm not a big jewelry person. But once I sat down to write, I found I had more to write that I'd thought. This seems to be the general trend with the prompts so far. 

This class just adds to my conviction that if Ali is teaching a class, I want to take it!

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