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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Week's Project

Given that Trish is moving in a little over a month, she's on a mission to clear out clutter. She's been saving bits and pieces of interesting things, so we spent Monday combining them with card stock and covers to make some mini books. Neither one of us is quite sure what they should be used for, other than that they are not likely to become scrapbooks for photos and they won't be art journals. One idea is an inspiration journal. Another is a place to stick ephemera. Or a book to periodically write down current favorite things. Their future is yet to be determined, but we felt like we had a really productive day. We assembled seven on Monday, in addition to the two we made the week before.

Included in the books: parts of magazine pages, transparencies, envelopes (including everyday mailing envelopes - you know, the security kind with the interesting patterns inside), tags, pages from old planners and date books - you get the general picture. Lots of things that would have been junk have now been repurposed.


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