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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Travel Album Project

Trish and I are both going to be traveling this summer, and we planned our own little scrapping retreat while her husband was on a trip so that we could spend a full day working on making our mini albums to take on the road. The inspiration for this album comes from Ali Edwards' Scrapbook on the Road class.

I made an Scrapbook on the Road album for a trip I took last November and I really enjoyed the process and the result.

The first thing we did was gather a collection of supplies. I had a couple of different paper packs that had been sitting on my shelf for a few years, and we both raided our color drawers for bits and pieces that would coordinate.

Then we cut the paper into 6 x 6 squares. One of the sheets was printed in strips of all the patterned paper, which was perfect for our plan. Oh, wait! The reality is that we didn't have much of a plan.

Then we played with what to do with the chipboard covers. The papers we were using included a laser cut that was perfect to enhance the cover, but we were having a bit of difficulty deciding what color paper to put behind it. Until Trish got out her inks and started to play. We inked, Mod Podged, layered on the laser cut paper, Mod Podged some more, then trimmed it all with washi tape when it dried.

See the previous blog post for more photos of the pages in progress.

We had a fun day, and the base pages are all done.

One lovely feature, designed by Trish, is attaching a small paper bag with handles to the back of the album. Perfect for stashing pens, mini stapler and other necessities for journaling on the go. That step in the process isn't done yet. Photos of that will come later. I've got to acquire my paper bag still!

You will see, if you look at the other photos, a small folded paper bag attached to the inside back cover of mine. This smaller bag creates two pockets for stashing memorabilia from the trip, and mine currently holds extra 3x5 cards for journaling. Never hurts to have more!

We are both going to round the corners of the inside pages, and the album with be bound with book rings.


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