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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts for the day

Received: I got the letter and bracelet from Tom's Shoes. I love that company. And I love their shoes. I'm a minimalist when it comes to shoes. It's a luxury I have, living in Hawaii. I'm mostly barefoot. So when I have to wear shoes, I want them to feel as close to barefoot as possible. Tom's fits the bill for me, plus I feel good wearing them knowing that somewhere in the world there is a child who is also wearing a pair of Tom's, maybe their only pair of shoes ever.

Thinking: I'm also thinking about how absolutely blessed I am living here, and my heart is going out to all the people in the world who are suffering right now because of the weather. Whether it's the storm on the mainland, or the cyclone in Australia. Big, big storms.

Celebrating: I'm also celebrating today because I did my January Monthly pages, using Cathy Zielske's wonderful The Monthly templates at Designer Digitals. I'm an unabashed fan of all of all 3.

Wondering: I'm wondering where the turmoil in Egypt is going to end up taking that country and the Middle East along with it, which therefore means the world at large. Nothing that happens over there is inconsequential, I think.

Procrastinating: I'm procrastinating doing the work that needs to be done today. I'm spending part of that time video conferencing with my gorgeous granddaughter in Texas. I think that's a good thing to do while I procrastinate. They're cold there. With the chill factor it was 2° F. this morning!

Enjoying: I've been enjoying the videos from Paperclipping with the goodies they are seeing at CHA.

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trish said...

I so enjoy this format for journaling. Makes for nice yet varied reading!
And I think I need to try on a pair of TOMS...soon.