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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I've been up to

I managed to catch my grandkid's virus (of course) so I've been lying low for a few days. The older two have been living at my house so the younger one can be still and not have such convulsing coughing fits. They're going to see how it is with them at home today.

So while I've been sick but not too sick, I've gotten a few scrap booking tasks done, along with a few minor business related tasks.

* Backed up all my 2008-2010 photos to DVD
* Culled everything that wasn't starred from my iPhoto library for 2010 - still have 2008 & 2009 to do before I archive years further back
* Did layout for next week's Log Your Memory challenge
* Ordered 50 prints from my trip to Canada last summer to make a mini book

Business related:

* Acquired my domain name for my music studio (finally)
* Transferred my projects and actions back to OmniFocus, which I have finally decided is the best place for me to keep these things

I need to make sure that I keep my to-do lists in perspective. I tend to think of them as things that are hanging over my head rather than a list of ideas I have put down because of what I want to accomplish. This is especially true of my business related tasks. Scrap booking tasks I could do all day long and be happy.

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