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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lovely poem

Today I met Autism

I silently watched today
Hoping it was a dream
I sat and I stared
As I prepared myself to see
The world was going to crash down
Around those surrounding me
I felt out of orbit, like I was about to fly
I sat there and did nothing, and listened for a cry
 I patiently waited
For the mom to break down
At the very least, I expected a deep frown
But the mother took every piece 
Of advice that was offered
And as she sat there
She got much stronger
Today I saw Autism 
She is not more than three
And when I smiled at Autism 
She smiled back at me
Today I talked to Autism
She said that she loved me
And tomorrow when I see her
I will look at her and think
Autism is a diagnosis
But she will always be my niece
Her name is not Autism
Because that's a label, you see?
Her name is Princess Katie
And a princess she will always be

(c) Lynda M. Wilson

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