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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A great idea

I love to read good stories out loud to children. There's something wonderful about them snuggling up to you, sitting still (sometimes) to listen with eager anticipation. I read and read to my children as they grew up. Now I have grandchildren to read to. But only two of the four enjoy sitting with me for a story.

The two year old loves to look at books and talk about them, but she is a little young to sit for a whole story, and she lives too far away. I do get to enjoy her enjoying her books with her daddy via Facetime.

The six year old is autistic and verbal communication is not the way to keep her attention for more than a second.

The ten year old is our suspected Aspie and isn't interested in stories unless they have to do with trains, and even then it's iffy.

But the eight year old is a book lover. Like me. Like her mom and dad. She will almost always accept the offer of a story, and if you've gone too long without offering, she will freely suggest that it's time for one.

Our current reading list is the Narnia series. We've just started the last book, The Last Battle. She's hearing them for the first time, and I love to introduce her to good stories. It takes us awhile because some weeks we only get a chapter or two read on sleep over nights.

I stumbled on this post by Karen Grunberg and am now inspired to log our reading list in a similar fashion. Hopefully writing about it here will help me actually do it!

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