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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things We Love: Food

My grandchildren love doughnuts. Who doesn't? DH has to go to a bit of trouble to get these for them. That's because there is no Krispy Kreme store here. Not on this island. He buys them when he's on trips to Maui. So they are rare. But oh they are loved. The rainbow sprinkle ones are their favorite.

This photo made me realize I really want some white plates. Especially when compared to these pictures of the doughnuts in the box.

The plain glazed ones are for their uncle. Because I can't eat any. And DH shouldn't eat any. I'm gluten intolerant, and we are both on a low carb diet. Me for weight, him for health reasons.  So these lovelies are hanging around the house waiting for them to eat them. 

The grandchildren would eat them all in a day of course. Their uncle, being an adult, knows that it's better to savor one or two a day.

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