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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planning for 2011

I posted that I don't make resolutions, and how that doesn't mean I don't have goals.

I've been taking advantage of the New Year thinking to get an overview of the next few months, and some things a bit further out. I'm using my Log Your Memory logbook for all of my scrapbooking plans. That includes a rather long list of pages I've thought of doing. I may or may not get to them. It isn't really a to-do-list (I hate the pressure!) but just a jog-your-memory kind of list. The sort that says "What about doing this?" rather than "Get This Done!"

I have also put what day I need to be thinking about certain scrap booking things I'd like to participate in.

My calendar includes:

  1. Log Your Memory chats on Monday
  2. Log Your Memory weekly challenge posting dates
  3. Library of Memories community challenges 
  4. Yesterday & Today lessons
  5. One Little Word lessons
  6. Monthly Roundup ala Katie the Scrapbooklady
  7. The Monthly reminder (Cathy Zielske's templates at Designer Digitals are great for monthly review pages)
That's just January! 

Log Your Memory chats go throughout the year
Log Your Memory weekly challenges go throughout the year
Library of Memories community challenges go throughout the year
Yesterday & Today continues weekly through March
One Little Word goes on monthly throughout the year
Monthly Roundup is monthly
The Monthly is, obviously monthly

It'll be a Happy Scrappy 2011!

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