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Friday, September 28, 2012

Be You Excellently

I am currently down 8 pounds from a week ago. Yes, it has been lost too fast. Entirely because of illness. IT will inexorably come back, unfortunately, and in spite of my best efforts at keeping it off. It's how it always works for me.

But I really like this smaller belly. And I'm still searching for a sustainable way to drop even ten pounds more than I am at this moment. I'd still be at the upper end of a healthy weight for my height. So I'm not chasing the impossible dream here. Though it often seems that way.

All of that as a preface to this quote from this blog. A lot of what they say in this post isn't applicable to what is holding back my weight loss. I'm a post-menopausal woman with thyroid issues, after all. My weird biochemistry is doing a pretty good job of holding me back on it's own. But I really liked this part of the post. I eliminated one word to keep this a family-friendly blog.

"Instead of being afraid–instead of of letting our fear of being a role model or a happiness or a new being stop us from living–let us dare to deal with it.

Life at its best is lived radiantly. Life is best lived with light and with grace and with positivity and love. Do it. Dare to do it. Do it in baby steps if you have to. But do it. Put on the hat of unapologetic wellness from time to time. Put on the hat of excellence. Take it off gently if it’s getting to be too heavy. Then put it on again.

Be you, but be you excellently.

Do not be afraid to do it. You are beautiful, you are yourself, you have nothing to fear in yourself and others. No one is going to laugh at you if you fall. And if they do– (expletive deleted) ‘em! It’s not worth your attention. Your attention is better left for positivity in your life and in others. Your growth is powerful for your soul. It’s powerful for your friends. It’s powerful for the universe."


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