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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Color Confidence

I'm enjoying the Color Confidence class at reneepearson.com. We're in the first week of class. This week we were supposed to find photos or pictures in magazines that inspired us color-wise, and to create a color palette from the photo. One of the supplies with the class is a digital color card, which we can customize with the photo of our choice and create a color palette from the photo.

One of the photos I played with was a heliconia. I was very surprised when I started pulling colors from the photo how blue the "green" leaves were in the background of the photo. I could have found more subtle colors from the photo to create a more typical palette for me, but I really wanted to push myself to use the very bright red, blue, and the yellow from the heliconia itself.

So I decided I really needed to play with those colors a bit. Since I'm currently laid up with an infection, getting up and painting wasn't going to happen, so I did it digitally. I used word art by Ali Edwards, and the butterfly brush is by Katie Pertiet.

This color palette is definitely not my normal go-to colors, and I'm pretty sure it's not one I'll pick to create digital papers with, but it was instructive to try to create with it. I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of class.


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