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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clean Pantry

While I've been laying around being sick this week, we hatched a crop of weevils from some grain in the pantry. They were everywhere! So today my DH got rid of every bit of grain in the cupboard except the Cheerios, pancake mix and popcorn for the grandkids.  

He also threw out expired canned goods, some of which had been hiding in the back corners of the pantry for years. 

With our change of diet (Paleo - we've totally cut out grains and are focusing on pastured organic meats and eggs, and vegetables), we no longer need grains in the pantry anyway. And we certainly don't need to keep expired canned goods!

He likes to throw things away, so it was a great job for him.  I totally appreciate it because it's the sort of thing that I put off as long as possible even when I'm feeling fine.

I now have room to prepare an emergency food supply (hurricane season isn't over yet) that fits our current diet.  I haven't figured out yet what that will be. It will have to wait until I'm no longer feverish for sure. 

There's still organizing to do when I'm well, and I do think those cookbooks need to come out from behind the storage bin!

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