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Friday, October 5, 2012


I've been playing all afternoon with an assignment from the Color Confidence class at Renee Pearson's great online classroom.

Our assignments have largely been related to various ways to pick color palettes. The teacher, Cilenia Curtis  is a digital designer and artist. An assignment for this week, the last in the class, was to create a color palette using various combinations on the color wheel, and then to create some artsy papers using brushes, overlays, textures, and blend modes. 

I started off picking a hue of blue that I wanted to work with, and went from there. The photo shows my color wheel picks, and some of the papers I created using these colors. I went with the tints because I generally like my background papers to be just that - in the background. The papers are not repeats of one another with just a color change - I took the time to change brush layers and blend modes, etc. so there would be a variety in more than just the color.

I highly recommend the class when it comes around again. 

Trish, they're in Dropbox if you want them.


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