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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Thought No. 3

Here's another thing I'm thankful for: Online scrapbook classes! I love taking online classes because it gives me the opportunity to learn from designers I admire, most of whom have a strong background in design as a profession. What an opportunity!

I am not yet done with all my projects, but I'm closing in on the end of Scraphic Design Core with Tiffany Tillman at reneepearson.com. This is one of many online classes I've taken and loved. I've taken a scrapbook design class at Big Picture Classes with Cathy Zielske, which was amazing. Tiffany's class added to the knowledge I was already putting into practice. Our scrapbooking styles differ, but the principles can help you make better pages no matter what your scrapping style.

I'm still working on the final project for Scraphic Design Core - well, truth be told, I haven't started it yet, but hopefully it will get underway in the next few days. Since the process begins with inspiration, and my inspiration is usually photos first, I need to spend some time with my photo library finding the right pictures for the final project. 

My scrap process has definitely been influenced by Tiffany's lessons. I pretty sure I'm ending the class with a stronger sense of design that when I began it. The next step is incorporating what I've learned into my scrapping process. My design checklist will be by my side until it becomes a habit. 

Another designer I've taken classes with and learned a lot from is Ali Edwards. I just recently worked on a travel album based on her Scrapbook on the Road class. It was fun to create, and great to have along on my trip. I finished up when I got home by printing a few favorite photos to include in the album. I've posted a few of the pages on Flickr. For some reason, the photos are all out of order on this link although they appear correctly in other views. The rings I used are too large, they'll get exchanged for a slightly smaller size soon. I didn't publish a lot of the photo pages because they are of family members and I respect their privacy. But this will give you a taste of it.

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