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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Log Your Memory Logbook 2012 arrived in the mail today. I got the smaller version because I like it to not take up too much space on my work table. I bought the print version this year because I wanted the tabbed month dividers and because I had to many printer issues last year.

I've found the logbook very handy this past year even though I didn't use it to it's full extent. It's pretty much dedicated to my scrapbooking since I use my digital calendar/reminders, etc for the rest of my life. Somehow I like keeping my scrapbooking things separate.

I am very happy with the daily pages for next year. I love the large, online space on each page. I plan on using that space for sketches for scrapbook page design. I'm wanting to continue the sketch process that Tiffany Tillman encourages in her Scraphic Design class at Reneepearson.com. This is the perfect place to keep those sketches organized. Plus I'll be reminded every day by that big blank space that I'm supposed to fill it with a sketch!

I also like the numbered list at the bottom. One of the suggested uses is to keep a Grateful list every day. I'm thinking I may go with that suggestion.

As you can see, the monthly calendar has large squares to jot down whatever you want. I usually use this to keep track of when my online classes start and stop so I don't book too many at once! Yes, I'm such an addict, I can easily schedule too many classes simultaneously.

I punched holes so the pages fit in the binder I am currently using. Right now, the logbook is just held together with 3 book rings. I plan on loading about 3 months at a time in my binder so it stays thinner and when I do my monthly roundup I'll pull out the month past (once I've gleaned what I need from it) and add a new month.  The logbook has the potential of being a bit of a diary/almost smash book. If I've filled it with enough writing, sketches, and miscellany, it may be worth keeping at the end of the year.

A new feature on the printed version is the tabbed dividers, which are also pocket pages. I'm thinking that these will be handy for stashing small bits like receipts or brochures I want to keep, small odds and ends of life. Since I'm mostly digital, they may get scanned. Another option is to keep an album with lots of baseball card type page protectors and small journal cards as a memorabilia file. Sort of a Project LIfe but just for the stuff. I've always tended to throw the "stuff" away, but I'm thinking that there is value in keeping a small amount of cultural memorabilia around. So, those little pockets in the monthly divider pages may be very useful as a gathering place for the little bits of daily life and commentary until I decide what to do with them. Potentially I could just keep them in the logbook, too. Lots of options here.

Basic conclusion: If you scrap, and if you don't, this is a great little calendar/logbook. There's more to it than I've described - these are just my personal favorite features. Check it out if you don't have yours yet!


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