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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful Thought No. 6

My daughter took our sweet little E, who has multiple developmental, genetic challenges, to the library to get her own library card. She needs it for school because they sometimes take field trips to the local library for books.

The requirement is that the child be able to sign their name. Which she can do. The librarian had issues with her parents telling her where to sign! Even though he was told that she is autistic. Then he had a huge issue about how she signed it. He then suggested that she just use her Mother's card, even though she can't use it when her mom isn't there, which would be when on a field trip for school, which is why she needed one. Sheesh!

Here's the problem with how she signed her name. I'm not sharing the full photo here for privacy and safety reasons, but she wrote her first name and the first letter of her last name. At that point she was out of room. She solved the problem by continuing to write on the line below, but backwards, which is a totally creative solution if you ask me. Just as logical as starting on the left, which really is inconvenient. Makes me wonder why we ever started writing left to right rather than serpentining down the page!

I'm just thankful she can sign her name. Go E!


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