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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our little miracle

This is our first photo (other than the ultrasound) of our lovely little miracle grandson.

His parents waited almost eight years before they were able to get pregnant, and the pregnancy proceeded with no signs of trouble until last Sunday. Increased cramping and spotting sent them to ER Sunday, where it was discovered that mama had developed pretty severe pre-eclampsia. She was immediately hospitalized and treatment was begun.

Two days later she was transferred to a nearby hospital with a NICU, and the doctors did more tests. They concluded that our little guy had stopped growing and delivery was required as soon as possible.

Mama was induced, labor proceeded entirely normally, and little Ryan was born Wed. morning weighing 2 lbs. 9 oz. While the doctors feel he was at 31-32 weeks, they think the development actually stopped at about week 28, which was right after her last regular doctor visit.

She didn't really have any alarming signs of preeclampsia, so we are very thankful for the increasing contractions and spotting that sent her to the doctor!

Ryan is now 3 days old, breathing on his own, and he has begun to be fed mother's milk.

Of course he has quite a stay in the NICU ahead of him, but we are so thankful for his strength and the miracle of his little life.

His mother is recovering, and her blood pressure may be low enough to go home today.

So thankful for the blessings of this week!


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