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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's photo

This sweet honeysuckle is growing on our fence. Photo was short in HDR Foto, edited in Camera+. It's my photo of the day.

You can tell I don't get out much - almost everything I shoot is in my yard. It's a good thing I'm in Hawaii - I have some kind of bloom all year round.

I have to get out on the street this weekend though, for a street photography assignment in iShotThat at ReneePearson.com.  I do take photos of my family, but you won't see much of that online.

Did I mention I bought an iPhone 4S last weekend? It was my birthday present (paid for mostly by me! with help from dear Kristel & Dirk). My old phone was cracking after having been dropped on concrete, and I was planning on upgrading as soon as the new phones came out. It's rather a bad time, with two trips coming up over the next 3 months that I also have to pay for, but the 8megapixel camera and Siri swayed me. Not that Siri is necessary, but I sure do like it. I just have to get used to using it more.

 And I love getting larger images out of the camera. My old point and shoot is slowly falling apart, and is only a few megapixels more. Of course it has a small zoom, but most of my shots are up close and personal anyway, so I'm not missing that tons.

Another reason for my purchase was that I use my phone a lot for videotaping students, and having the better video capacity will be a plus.

iOS5 I love. Oh, and I upgraded to OSX Lion, too last week. It went without a hitch. It just took me all of one morning to get it done.

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