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Friday, October 14, 2011

More iShotThat! fun

Dear reader:

I'm having great fun in the iShotThat class at ReneePearson.com for iPhone photography.

Today's assignment (well, the one I did today anyway!) is using a sweet little program called HDR Foto, which you can download for free from iTunes. With this program, you tell the camera to get the light reading from two different spots and it takes two photos based on those readings and combines them. This works great when you have an area that is blown out and a dark area and you want details in both places to show up.

In this shot, the light was bright on the orchid on the right and the bloom on the left was pretty shadowed. So I told the app to sample from the blown out area and the shadowed bloom. The camera took both shots & combined them. Then I played a little with a few settings (Polarize effect mostly) framed it, and voila!

If you have or get an iPhone and want to learn how to have fun with the camera, take this class next time it's offered.

Note: this is taken on an iPhone 3GS - I'm hoping that there will still be 4GS's in the store tomorrow morning. I can't wait to play with the 8MG camera! It's my birthday present from my adult children and myself. Sweet! Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one before the end of the month at least because I have a trip & I need to take great photos of my gorgeous little granddaughter.


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