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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Life & Times

I recently acquired this journal, My LIfe & Times by Sunny Morton. The subtitle is A Guided Jounral for Collecting Your Stories. I've looked at it for awhile but just recently decided that it was time to get it.  This particular version comes as a D-ring binder, accompanied by a CD so that you can print out more pages as you need them. An example might be the pages for listing the places you've lived. If you have moved every few years, you might well have lived in more locations than there is room for. You can print out extra pages to accommodate this.

The binder is very nicely done, and the journal is full of great prompts. There are pages to record the basic facts, such as you mother's basic information, as well as pages for listing their siblings information, what schools she attended, various places she lived, who she was named after, what the house was like she grew up in. For those of us whose mom's are no longer living, there will be questions we don't have answers to. But there are also pages to record that kind of information about ourselves, so our children and grandchildren will be able to read it in our own handwriting. 

This journal is a long-term project - something to keep near at hand and fill in bit by bit as the mood strikes. It's a great place to gather together all the little bits of information about your life that you might not otherwise think of jotting down.


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