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Friday, May 6, 2011

Project Idea

My friend Trish came up with a fabulous idea tonight that is pulling things from Library of Memories, iScrap, Project Life, One Little Word, Photo Album Scrapbooking, and Cathy Zielske's The Monthly. These are all online classes we have taken from Big Picture Classes, with the exception of Project Life and The Monthly.

Here's the problem we are trying to solve. We have loads of photos (prints) from the past that are needing to be processed in our scrapbook system. We love Library of Memories, and the reality is that we are not likely to get this huge bulk of pictures into scrapbooks in the usual way. They are sitting in storage binders, ala Library of Memories, but there are stories that need to be told, and we want to get them into albums for everyone to enjoy.

So here is the plan:

Purchase divided page protectors that will fit into a D-ring album. The divided page protectors make it easy to slip in photos, journaling, and patterned papers to create interesting pages that cover a lot of family history. These albums can be organized by year or location (for those who frequently move), or any other way that fits your needs.

The plan is to pre-cut papers (shopping from our stashes) for journaling and added color, and pick embellishments on a color theme for each section of the album, and to assemble these into kits. By using a variety of sizes of page protectors, we will be able to accommodate any size photo we have.

Once the kit is together, the next step will be to grab the photos for that year, picking the most relevant and telling photos to summarize that time period. These will get slipped into the page protectors, along with any journaling that needs to go along with them. Embellishments and patterned papers can add interest and fill in any unused photo slots.

 As we go through the photos, many of them are likely to end up in category drawers to be combined with other personality photos at a later time. The goal of this project is to have a quickly assembled album that contains highlights of that particular year (or years). We want it to be pleasing to look at, tell the stories, and get done with reasonable speed.

This is our summer project, oh yes - along with taking plenty of online classes! What scarpping fools we are!

I hope to post a few photos here are we go along on this project, which won't really get underway for a few weeks at least.

And yes, Trish, I posted this so we can both remember what our grand plans are for this project!

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