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Friday, November 9, 2012

iPad Scrapping with Art Studio

I recently made the wonderful discovery that ArtStudio is an amazing iPad app for scrapbooking. Last summer I took iScrapIt at Renee Pearson's. It was a fantastic class teaching how to scrap on an iPad using Keynote.

The pages work well with a small amount of trimming printed out as a landscape 8.5x11 photobook. They can also be added to a 12x12 page in Photoshop or PSE.

But since Keynote is designed to be a program for creating presentations, it doesn't have the artsy features like blend modes, masks, and adjustment layers.

But the latest version of ArtStudio has all that and more!

The page above was created today using ArtStudio and items from Anna Aspnes's This Crazy Life. Her ArtsyKardz are almost the right proportions for the iPad (I'm using a first generation iPad, so I have fewer pixels on my screen than the new version - if you're lucky enough to have the new one, you will have to adjust accordingly), and.since ArtStudio reads PNG files, all elements from a kit are also accessible.

I still have some work to do on the page, mainly cleaning up the layer mask. I took full advantage of blending modes and adjustments to create the page.

I plan on doing a small series of posts on scrapping in ArtStudio in case any iPad users who scrap happen to stumble here.

Next up: prepping the kit for iPad use and making them accessible to Art Studio.

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