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Thursday, November 15, 2012

ArtStudio Basics

Here's a brief look at the ArtStudio options. This is the screen when you first open the program. The menu options are at the top, the tool palette on the left, and the color palette on the right. The bottom has options that apply to the current tool. There are more tools and colors than appear - you just scroll down to see the rest.

This is the layer palette pop-up. The plus icon adds a new layer, the next control duplicates the current layer. The third merges the layer with the layer below. The mask icon should be familiar from Photoshop or PSE. And of course the trash can deletes the layer. At the top you can see the opacity slider, and there is a drop down menu for the blending modes. Just tap where it says "Normal" and the other options appear.

Each tool has it's own pop out for controls and options particular to that tool. There are many control options here. Make sure you scroll down to see the rest of the controls. You can select the size and hardness of the tool, specific shapes, as well as fade in and out. There are a lot of options available for fine control.

There is a nice variety of brushes included, and an additional set you can purchase. I went ahead and bought the extra set of brushes since I love to use brushes! Again, there is a long list of options for brush settings. Scroll down for more options.

When you select the type tool, the keyboard pops up along with the options for font, font size, color, and alignment.

On the right color panel, the top swatch shows the current foreground and background colors. Double tapping opens up the color picker/sliders. You can change the selection of swatches by dragging the new color to one of the swatch squares. 

Coming soon: Opening a new file, and bring in your supplies into ArtStudio.


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