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Friday, August 5, 2011

Week in the Life

I'm happy to report that I took the plunge and participated in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project this year. Anything that requires me to be somewhat consistent over a stretch of days leaves me with sweaty palms, but I've taken enough classes with Ali to believe what she says, and she said it was very doable, so I did it.

And she was right. It helps that while the focus is on one week, the project can stretch out longer than that. Last week was focused on photography and journaling the everyday and otherwise. It was a pretty routine week around here, so most of my photographs are everyday things. But I did manage to get some photos I really love and the rest are fine for this project.

Trishn and I are working on this project together, and we decided not to use Ali's templates, so I spent an evening creating some 8x8 templates on a basic grid to use for my project. Trishn and I both decided to do it extremely simply, with a big focus on pictures, so only minimal journaling space was required. I used Ali's The Story of This Day and The Story of Today brushes/overlays. Ali's brushes are available at Designer Digitals.

Since I'm making an 8x8 album, and I didn't want to be bothered with trimming pages from Costco, and Persnickety Prints was having a special so the price was approximately the same, I ordered online. They haven't arrived yet, but should today.

I'm happy with how the pages turned out, happy I did the project. I plan on participating again next year and adding pages to my album. I'm using an American Crafts D-ring album, so adding pages next year will be easy.

This is the kind of project that you can do any week you want, so if you didn't join in last week, just pick a week and do it!

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