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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here's my layout for Log Your Memory's Challenge #24, Compare and Contrast. Since hubby & I are very different in many ways, this was fun to do. In the end, the things we have in common are much more important than the differences!

On another scrapbooking note, I took a long look last night at the files in the Photo Freedom class I'm taking at Big Picture Classes. I've decided I'm actually going nto print out the weekly task lists & keep them on my clip board right by the computer. That way, when I have a few minutes, I can check off any tasks that I feel would be good to get done. Since I'm taking this as an alumni, I've got a lot of the system in place already. But there are some parts of it that I'd like to give another try or tweak.

One of those is the Workflow Cards. I didn't really use them last year. But I tend to get lost in what I did/didn't do with my digital pictures, and this would be a good way to keep track. So, I have printed them out on one sheet of cardstock, both sides and they are on a jump ring right by my computer. Now I'm going to have to go watch Stacy's video explaining just how to use them again.

This week's assignment includes preparing a digital workflow. Here's what I've come up with:

1. Download photos from camera & iPhone onto the computer
2. Delete the unusable photos, near duplicates, etc
3. Give them a star rating (this plus the fact that they are automatically filed by date equals my digital storage binders
4. Add keywords - this essentially puts them into category drawers
5. Edit (I usually do this as I scrap them)
6. Backup highlight folders quarterly. I have automatic backups via Time Machine, so I'm comfortable backing up these folders every quarter.

Maybe 5 & 6 should be reversed, or maybe editing doesn't belong in this part of the workflow. But sometimes I edit on the spot. I'll have to sort that one out.

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